Hello… I have treated myself… but first let me chat a bit…. About this time last year I learned to crochet!   Please have a look back to my very first blog which was a crochet project that I absolutely loved!  “MY CROCHET STORY”  Since then I have been practicing with different yarns, with different hook sizes, had  little experiment with different stitches.  I have also bought a few books, bobbed in and out of various brilliant u-tube tutorials (thank you all those clever folks who have shared their techniques and patterns freely, you have helped and encouraged my crochet spirits!) and I have  chatted  about crochet with my crafty friends. Heidi Bear, with her excellent tutorials and projects has been absolutely brilliant, her projects are truly wonderful.  I so enjoyed making “Little Blue Bird of Happiness” which I blogged about…. scroll back and have a look. So, back to my treat… My very first crochet hook was a real investment!  Decided to go with one that was recommended by my friend “A” who has problems with her wrist (she broke it while ice skating… what a romantic way to hurt yourself, I hurt myself doing really boring things like falling over on a icy patch on the garden path, or tripping over a curb, pretty ordinary!) she  wanted to have the best control and comfort with her crochet hook.  I have to agree CLOVER AMOUR are terrific! My first hook was a number 4.5mm and this “little baby” helped me create my colourful blanket.  I enjoyed using it so much, decided to collect the set over time.  They are reassuringly expensive … do you know what I mean?   As they are more pricey than bog standard crochet hooks, they  are worth thinking about and investing in over a period of time.   It  has taken me a year to complete my set,  I do  have some satisfaction that I didn’t just go and buy the whole lot at once.  Each time I bought  a hook I made some thing with that size to make it a little bit special. My last hook arrived this morning “big mama” number 6…. she’s a big girl! So, like a little girl with new toys I have been playing with them… this is what I came up with as I drank my morning coffee, and clicked my camera!! SAM_3091 All neat and tidy in their packets… SAM_3095 Okay, enjoy the show… SAM_3102 SAM_3104 SAM_3096 SAM_3105 SAM_3097 SAM_3093 Not only do I love using them as they are so comfy with “soft grip” handles, I also love looking at them as they are such lovely colours, love a bit of colour! Me smiling, you?  Bye for now, Jay x My little extra snippet for you from Snoo… “

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