I had a CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW moment this morning!

SAM_5324May I share with you this bizarre experience with you… Let me set the scene…

It is pouring with rain, decided that it didn’t really matter about the weather I still needed to go out for fresh air and take the dog for a walk.

Ummm?  which way shall we go?  Several little walks from my house, decided on the direction so off we trot.  It’s one of our favourites, never normally see many people so expected to see no one as it was raining so hard.

In the distance I could see a dark figure standing on the over grown path, in dark coat, black boots, and I kid you not a tricorn hat!  Yep, saw it with my own eyes, oh yes I did!

As I drew near I was tempted to say some thing like “How ‘do my hearty…” but instead simply said “good morning…”

I kinda love these sort of totally unexpected little bits of life that flash by, especially so when they make you smile for the whole  duration of a rather wet and sodden dog walk!

Love Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “… China’s Beijing Duck Restaurant can set 9000 people at one time…”


  1. I would say interesting and very ramdom. I have never seen anyone dressed like that where I live, rain or not. Maxie

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