BABY BEANIE HATS – Fish and Chip babies



This jolly batch has been sent to the charity.


It was such a long time ago I blogged about the Fish and Chip baby jumpers my sister and I knitted for the babies,  I’d forgotten there was a follow-up with little beanie hats for the same charity.

So, my big sis and I got knitting again – nothing like a bit of competition!  Think were were neck and neck with the final tally!

The pattern is really very easy:-

You will need double knitting wool/yarn – various amounts ranging from whole ball to odds and ends.

The varigated colours are rather fun to knit as each turn out a little different!


These three balls made the cutest little hats with surprising results


The last hat (bottom right)  was not made from the wool pictured, however the other three are from the wool shown.  I was especially pleased with the way the second hat (top right)  looks like I planned the way the pattern went, but that is just the way the wool knitted up!

Cast on 64 stitches

For the next 14 rows knit one purl one to create a rib

Row  15 knit the whole row,  then row 16 purl, continue until the whole piece of knitting measures approx 11cm.



On the next knit row, knit 6, knit two together – continue to the end on the row.  Next row purl.  Then on each knit row reduce the stitches knit 5, knit 2 together and so on… (knit 4  knit 2 together – knit 3 knit 2 together – knit 1, knit 2 together) remember to purl in between each knit row!

You will end with 16 stitches, pick the stitches on a darning needle, gather up and secure with a stitch, turn inside out and stitch seam together – turn to the right side.

The very first batch of beanies were dispatched ages ago, however I did remember to take a photo of the original lot.

90 little hats!


We used up all sorts of little bits and bobs of end of knitting projects,  some of the wool we bought from local charity shops and other teeny scraps given by friends and neighbours, a total group effort by all!

Since then we  have made a few more…


Thanks for stopping by,

Little snippet for you from Snoo “The Beatles” used the word “LOVE” in songs 613 times throughout their career”

Bye for now, Jay xx

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