My next door neighbour is a nurse and has asked if I could make scrubs as the hospital are really running short – absolutely, count me in!


I have been on line and bought this pattern from Ebay (Butterick Professional Uniform Basics 4946)


This is the fabric and matching thread


Off we go on a scrubs journey!


With any dress making project, studying the pattern lay-out and instructions are essential for success I firmly believe.  First job is identifying which pieces are needed. I have been asked to make the basic “V” neck top and pull-on trouser bottoms.


Then out with the sewing machine.  I found the “V” neck on the top quite difficult to master. I also thought I’d put that extra line of stitching down the top front pocket on the tunic for a pen!


The pattern advised to put all the pockets on the tunic first, also make up the trouser pockets to stitch into the outside side seam.  I was pleased with the curve under the arm pit of the tunic – inside all pieces I over locked the seams to give extra strength as this sort of garment will be in and out of the machine frequently.


I aslo made two face masks and a laundry bag so used uniform could get shoved in the bag and the whole lot into the washing machine!


The colour of the scrubs were actually deeper blue than the above photo, actually all my photo’s have come out with different shades of blue.  The “true blue” was very similar to chambray/light stone washed denim.

Take it easy every one – hope life if getting a little easier for you!

Best wishes, Jay xx

Little snippet for to you from Snoo “Baby African elephants throw themselves head first into the mud when they are grumpy!”

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