My dear friend keeps chickens, I popped over to see her the other day as I knew she had not been very well, thought she might need a little company.  We sat out on her front patio area in the sunshine enjoying a good old natter!


I stayed a few hours in her excellent company, as I was leaving she handed me half a dozen eggs from her much loved chickens who roam free in her rather large garden. Naturally I was delighted, nothing like fresh produce not from a shop…


Got a little snap happy with my camera, yup,  a bit carried away perhaps with an egg “photo shoot”


Yeah, I know a little bit bonkers!


And finally for my tea with a cuppa!


Thanks again for stopping by!

Best wishes to you, Jay xx

Little snippet for you from Snoo “typewriter” is the longest word that can be typed using the top row on a qwerty keyboard…



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