I’m a bit of a collector!  I have all all sorts of little collections of “things” most of which are inexpensive, novelties,  items I have come by, purely by chance or have been give to me by special people in my life who know me so very well indeed!

HEARTS… I just hadn’t realised how much this pleasing and special shape means to me, they are tucked, propped, pinned, hung and just “about” all over our home.  Some are really rather cute, others you might even have yourself, like my first photo…


Pack of cards showing QUEEN OF HEARTS out of order! (sorry gents)


This a special heart shaped pack of cards that I gave to my husband on St Valentines Day.


I used this photo in my SEEING RED blog a few weeks ago, thought it fitted in on this blog too!


These were one of my sister and my favourite sweeties at little girls, they weren’t in a posh tin like this, they were in a tube packet.  Didn’t they say the most cheesiest things… “be mine”  “boyfriend”  “love you”  “cute thing”  oh golly and all the rest…!


My special little coffee mug (I have tea in a different mug, this one is reserved for coffee only!)


My favourite sister (I only have one sister so she doubles up to be my second favourite too) made this very  pretty beaded heart by threading little glass beads onto wire, twist, thread, twist, thread… and she came up with this, beautiful isn’t it?


This “string” of hearts hangs in my daughters bedroom along with…


These beauties…


The most heart felt room in the house  is the kitchen… here they are…


These little hand painted wooden ones hang by a little bit of string and dangle from the knob on the dresser.


On the other knob on the dresser…


A friend of mine covered a little smooth granite pebble with wool felt… quirky eh!


This necklace my husband bought for me when our daughter was born as it was called “mother and daughter hearts together”  The large mummy heart is matt gold and the little heart is matt silver, I am wearing it right now as I write this blog!


My neighbour gave me this bunch one Christmas and they hang in the back porch.


This hangs on the inside of the back door.


Angel wings are in our guest room.



And… the last two photos  are the chenille cushions I made which are featured in my blog ‘CHINILLED OUT” scroll back and have a look through my older posts.

Best wishes to you, thanks for flipping through these snaps I so enjoyed taking!  Leave me a message, would love to hear from you.

Jay X

My little extra snippet for you by Snoo “Sir Isaac Newton refused to eat with a spoon”




We have been on holiday so I have been away from my blog pages… have you missed me?

I have a love of old photographs, especially black and white ones of our family members.  Those special people who have made us who we are,  and that are now long gone, however  their faces and smiles are kept forever in precious pictures.

I am constantly looking for old photo frames in junk and second hand shops, often pop along to the local auction house to see if there are any goodies, while there hunt for frames too.

Recently I bought two lovely and unusual frames.  A beautiful thick oval hand carved one, and a hexagonal one.  Each frame had a photo in which I had intended to take out and replace with a family picture.  As I polished the frame, washed the glass and got my photo’s ready to insert, I glanced at the little faces I had just removed… I just couldn’t do it!   I put the strangers back in the frames and have kept them exactly as they were when I bought them.


I have no idea who this little lad is, there is no name or date on the back, but I am guessing he is about 4 or 5 years old  The photo is very old and by the thick card it is printed on and the style of his clothes I would think it was taken a long time ago… maybe Victorian?   Do you recognise him? I kinda love him, his cheeky chubby little smiling face make me happy I decided to keep him just as he is.  This photo is in the large oval carved frame, he hangs on the wall in the study.


Who is this little girl? Again nothing to identify her, no  name or date the photo to know when it was taken.  She is about 5, maybe 6 years old, looking at her pretty little dress, should think it might have been her Sunday best!  Again I think possibly Victorian?  This photo is on my side board with photos of my daughter and nephews as little children, she fits in perfectly with our family group.


Now, this photo has a different story.  We have recently found a big cabinet of family papers and photo’s that belonged to my husbands family tucked away undisturbed for many many years.  We have gone through the stash of  truly lovely old photos and memoirs  (I got really tearful and sentimental over the letters written by children to parents while at boarding school… lovely little snippets of news   “I was very lucky today as I found a penny in my belongings that I thought I has misplaced….”   Anyway, my husband identified all the photo’s except this little lad.  Who is he we wonder?  He might be about 6 or 7 years old?, and we are guessing the photo was taken between 1930′s and 1940′s.  I haven’t got a frame for him yet, it is quite a small photo, so will be on the hunt  for one.


This group photo was also found amongst the family archives… We got the magnifying glass out to study the faces but none are family.  We think it is a boy scout outing, have identified where it was taken.  The roundabout cenotaph in front of the church in Skipton, North Yorkshire, in the1940′s?

Thanks for dropping by, please leave me a message. I would be thrilled to bits to hear from you, especially if you recognise any of these lovely faces!

Best wishes, Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “When nobody is about  47% of people drink straight from the carton out of the fridge”    …. naughty eh!






We have been so excited up here in Yorkshire over the last few weeks, but the excitement really kicked in today with LE GRAND DEPART from Leeds. When I woke very early this morning it was wet and dreary, and like most Le Tour fans was a little bit fed up, however by mid morning the sun was out and it was turning into a lovely day! Where ever you are in the world, you must agree Yorkshire looked absolutely beautiful! Seeing the TV coverage from the helicopter made me SO HAPPY as the countryside looked stunning.

LE TOUR is passing through our village tomorrow, and I can hardly contain myself, I will be watching and cheering ALL the cyclists, it’s the spectacle of the event that has bowled me over rather than an individual rider, I think all the participants are to be admired for their true grit and determination.

Pottering around this afternoon with LE TOUR fever running through my veins I thought what can I do for my next blog which is a different from any thing else that may be done as a LE TOUR blog…

CRAZY… eh?


This blog starts with these packets of sweeties…


I opened the packets and tipped them all out in this big heap…


The sorted them into colours…


Okay, next I kept the yellow, red and green, and put aside the other colours…. can you see where I am going with these selected colours…? scroll down!






All scooped up, mixed together again,  found this glass jar in the pantry, ready to nibble and share with the family!

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Bye, Jay X

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “Koala’s are excellent swimmers”


item for OMG made by Snoo!

She has up cycled all the ingredients for this project from the  paper, card, fabric and cord, she had hanging around the place.   I think it is what crafting things for OMG is all about.  Making the maximum clear profit for the minimum cost (not counting the time projects take to make…. which is is priceless, however given freely… with love!) It it a perfect combination, often  using up “waste” items, or “stuff” that you have either forgotten you have, or bought ages ago that you know you will never use!  Plus, a whole lot of pure satisfaction knowing that some one might buy an OMG item because it is useful, or just what they needed….  Then the ultimate, the money goes to a G-R-E-A-T  and worthy cause…. IT’S WIN WIN!

So, little diary’s, ready  for you to decorate however you jolly well please!  Keep scrolling…


Now, they may not look very thrilling, but “bear with” I will explain what “THE SNOO” vision is for you on this latest project… I will add that I wanted to get in on the act, so the photo’s, pen’s, ribbons, felt and frilly bits are my take… so don’t go blaming her for the teensy bit weird ideas!


First page… I just love this page, it says it all really doesn’t it?  Decided to launch this diary now, so children would  have  a great little project to do for Mum, Granny, Aunty…… if there is a rainy day during the summer when they are board.  Super thought also to have a gift already to give. Grandma’s especially I think just love the things children make.  I have things my daughter made,  they are  still as precious as any rare diamond to me.


Like any good dairy you will have a yearly planner as a quick reference to dates, days of the week and being able to “pencil-in” odd dates when you need to see the whole year all at once.


Next you have the section of the diary with two pages forming each week for the whole month, plus a little NOTE section.  Each month is set out the same, just so happened that I flicked through and July came open.


Beautifully put!



As the covering on the spine is a little swatch of fabric, I hit on the idea of getting out Sharpies (or similar) and colour some of the “blanks in” Ummm….?   Black and white checked gingham … now let me think?  The first diary as an example,  I decided I would go down the Black-Red-White theme on this SAMPLE as these colours do look a bit smart together.


Second diary SAMPLE…. lots of colours!


Okay, now I have finished my colouring in, (really enjoyed playing with this simple idea) what do I do with the “ordinary” cardboard look…? You could leave it as it is if you wanted to go for a natural/neutral theme, or cover the whole area.   Decided to start with the back ground cover of white.  I painted one diary  with normal white ready mixed paint (cheap at 99p, I had some in the craft cupboard) the other I  covered with paper, which was really easy using double sided tape….Done!


I collected a few bits and bobs together for the  Black-White-Red colour scheme for this diary.


Cut out a few too many hearts from felt, selected a few!


Stuck them on the front cover, added a little bit of red ribbon with hearts on,  got the Sharpies out for the dots. FINISHED THIS ONE!

SAM_2864For the next SAMPLE  diary I thought I’d cut our a few pictures from an old magazine.  It is a good idea to place them on the cover, arrange, and re-arrange before sticking them into place.  Believe it or not, just these few little snippets from a magazine changed their position several times before I was happy, then I got the glue out and stuck then into place.


Once all my little pic’s were stuck down and the glue had dried, I drew free-hand  around each picture with a black ink pen these little “mock” picture frames…  I also added a funky little piece of ric-rac to tidy up the edge between cover and fabric spine.

You can add what ever you like to your cover, almost any thing would be fun.  Here is a list of ideas for you:-

Sparkles, glitter, stick on mock rhinestones

Felt shapes, scraps of fabric, ribbons, ric-rac, braids

Family photos

Pictures of pop stars, film stars, football players, sporting events (Hey… plug for Le Tour de France!)

Hand drawn pictures

Crazy paving style over lapping pictures from magazines

News paper fonts stuck down all higgledy piggledy

Crayons,  felt pen  squiggles

Trace a favourite picture

Paint a bunch of flowers or landscape

Personalise it for a special person with their hobby or favourite things

….. the list is endless… let your imagination flow….

Lastly, I popped each diary in a clean cellophane pouch, added one of my hand stamped OMG stickers to the back.


If you want to buy a blank diary they are on the OMG shelf in OXFAM in Skipton, North Yorkshire.  I left the final price to the manager as she knows best how they might or might not sell… I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do sell!

Click onto  to  http://www.oxfam.org.uk/fashion-blog/2013/10/oxfam-skipton-omg-oxfam-makers-groupfind out about OMG if you are wondering what I have been wittering about if you are new to my blog.

Thank you for visiting me, have really enjoyed this blog subject, if you have too, please leave me a comment…  I would love to pass on your thoughts to Snoo THANK YOU!

I will be back soon with what ever pops into my head next!

Jay, X

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “You are more likely to be killed by a flying champagne cork than a spider”






I know we are officially now  “Summer Time” but I would love to share with you a snatch of some thing quite beautiful that happened in our garden during “Spring Time”.   I had every intention of posting this blog earlier,  as soon as I had taken the photo’s, but truly I have been so busy I haven’t had a spare moment to sort it out.  I am now enjoying a tiny snap shot of peaceful time,  thought I would treat myself to a little blogging session.


We had been watching eagerly  the activity  with “our” Blue Tits back and forth, early on in  Spring  with all the bits and pieces they were popping in the bird box for their nest.  Then the frenzy of “in-and-out” intensity,  with beaks full of nibbles for the chicks.  What Fantastic parents!


Then…  LOOK…  we saw this little face peeping out, we were sooOOOoo exited! For the remainder of the morning we sat at the kitchen window and watched, it was truly wonderful seeing these little chaps fledge.


My favourite photo, mummy Blue Tit sitting on the roof of the bird house, chatting to her baby.  I am sure she was saying  “come on sweetie… out you come!”


Sure enough this cute little thing popped out and landed on the lawn, squeaking away like mad!


Then, very soon after a little brother or sister jumped out,  decided to grip with tiny grippy feet  to the mini solar light cable….  In the end we counted four chicks dotted around the garden.  Mum and dad Blue Tit were doing their pieces to keep the family fed and reassured.  It was a wonderful way to spend the morning!  Through out the day we watched as one by one the babes flew off to the safety of a tree in the corner of the garden.  We could hear them, but couldn’t see, however felt  immensely pleased to see them fledge.  Then… LOOK!


WOW… another little visitor!  We put this fat and peanut block out  really close on the fence to the bird house as we thought it would help mum and dad Blue Tit during those days when they were working so hard to keep the family fed.

A few days later we made the decision to have a look in the bird house, as soon as we were absolutely sure the baby’s had all departed.  The nest was so tiny and soft, very clean, the only  bit that made our hearts sink with a little sadness was there was one beautiful tiny unblemished egg that was perfect in every way, but unhatched…

We still have the Blue Tits visit our garden, might be because they know where to get a meal as the fat block is still there for them.

A very talented  friend of mine makes beautiful hand crafted birds in her work shop… Each little bird is absolutely exquisite in every detail.   I just had to have a Blue Tit to give to R (he was thrilled to bits!) and a weeny perfect little wren for me!  I just could not resist!


How cute, don’t you just love it!


OoooOoo!   So tiny and delightful!

If you want to know more about these little beauties and others that my friend makes go and find her on http://www.facebook.com/RhubarbandCider  you will want to as her  bird collection is fabulous,  and her photos are much better than mine.

Thank you, good of you to visit, please send me a message, and  go find the birds at Rhubarb and Cider!

Best wishes Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “Chickens won’t walk on ice”



OOOOooo errrrr, is the  title of this blog a bit cheeky?  Forgive me if you think it is, but I really do feel I should share this with you!  Photo’s of plants, flowers and such like  are  normally not my style, however these big blooms have won me over, so have decided to  change my blogging rule, just this time!


When I went out to my car this morning the Peony’s blooms  were so massively heavy they were bobbed right down to the paving slabs in front of the car, so decided to  cut just the ones that were in danger of being driven over.  I know they don’t seem to last a minute once cut, not that much longer on the plant.  I was almost feeling a hero for saving these from almost  a definite squashing!


I almost climbed aboard this Peony to get this shot….

There are still plenty  of flowers on the plant, ranging from ABSOLUTELY HUGE,  to solid hard round buds… Scroll down and see.  They are so amazing I have given them all names…. Biggy, big girl, fluffy, extra fluffy, flouncy, bouncy…. okay, sorry,  getting a bit carried away and confirming my bonker-ness..





I have an exceedingly tall glass vase which is perfect…. what d’ya think?


And… this last photo before I pass out with enthusiasm, just to show you have GIGANTIC the blooms really are… Please excuse toes, maybe I should have bought some pink nail varnish and taken a glam shot here instead!

Bye for now Jay, X

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My little extra snippet for you form Snoo ” The yo yo originated in the Philippines, where it was used as a weapon in hunting”

PS… I will be featuring one of my Peony photo’s in a future blog…. keep tuning in!



My blog has been temporarily “blog-napped” for this next post by my sister… this is what she has to say!  Over to her now, bye Jay xx

I am the Snoo at the end of each of Jay’s blogs as “little snippets”.  I am also her ever-so slightly bonkers sister, the same sister who was the naughty little girl who has an attraction to sea water, playing on the beach  and  getting into trouble. As  sisters  we didn’t do the terribly competitive things like “anythingyoucandoIcandobetter” in our childhood,  just pure and simple good fun of little  sisters playing.   We had a great childhood together.

I too share a total interest in the OMG project that Oxfam in Skipton are running in their shop.   I also  support them with crafty items and ideas that we sisters have been making.   We  both get a bit giddy and excited when we come up with some thing…!

Now, as you scroll down the pages you will see I like a little bit of RED, I could not do a collection like this with any other colour, but then again who knows… and here goes!

This is the car I bought.


This is the car I would like to have bought!!!   Oh in my dreams…


I love this one… teeny toy car!


….and this one too! (Made into a funky brooch!)

From the third drawer down in the kitchen unit… you know the one with all the useful stuff in that you keep but don’t really need, but you never get around to getting rid of.
Beautiful tomatoes…
Always need a little chilli


Still in the kitchen…. red pegs, you’ve  got to love them eh!

Little tin bought for me as a treat from my eldest son on a memorable trip to Paris. The chocolates were delicious, but long gone, so now I keep my crochet hooks in it, perfect size and always makes me smile as a little Parisian moment sneaks back into my mind…
Hank of red wool. I bought this wool years ago to knit sweaters for my little boys who are now 19 and 21, both over 6 foot tall and would certainly NOT entertain wearing a hand knitted sweater!
Coffee take-out cup, looks very “cool” and great that I don’t need to bother with plastic disposable cups… little bit on recycling going on here!
Very posh cookie tin which was full of ginger biscuits (long gone!)
My sisters red spotty kettle that she said I must sneak in some where!
These little Russian Dolls are actually measuring cups!


This  beautiful box was filled with the most delicious chocolates ever!


These lovely crafted fabric  chocolates are beautifully made by my sister Jay, she has them for sale in her etsy shop, the attention to detail on  each choc  is amazing!    This is a little “taster” of the red “wrapped” ones, she has made a selection box… honest!  Please go and have a look at them in her etsy shop.https://www.etsy.com/uk/people/TheSewingWren


This fish I knitted for my sister as she said she wanted a knitted fish…(*&%!!$£@$£… yes, I thought so too, a little crazy) well you have to humour them don’t you!



OH MY WORD….. WE MUST BE SISTER’S  both having red spec’s!  These are my glasses, (first photo)  second pic are my little sister’s (bought without knowing what each of us had purchased at the opticians… H-O-W     S-C-A-R-Y   is that!


WAKIE WAKIE!!!  Big red olde fashioned alarm clock to wake up to!


Collection of red beads trying to look like red berry’s don’t you think?


Funky red “flip-on” bracelet watch… C-O-O-L   for the summer look!


‘Cool girl dude’ PANDORA bracelet with red leather rolled thong and beautiful charms.


This little bike and card really made me smile and are for you Jay, as I know you are thinking LE TOUR a lot at the moment!


And to end this totally RED blog, to keep my sis happy as she seems to be a bit excited about LE TOUR, this little wire bicycle!

So best wishes, thank you Jay for letting me do  my RED blog on the TSW, and thank YOU too, for reading this post!

We sisters would love to hear from you if you want to leave a comment message for us!

Bye,  Snoo… and to end with “my” little snippet “Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated”


I am constantly messing around in my craft room, playing with fabric’s, thinking up bits and bobs to make that might be of interest.  This is my latest little “number”  I have come up with… simple little FLOWER BADGES!   They are really very easy to make, you might even want to show your children, grand children how to make them just in case you need some thing to do with them over the summer holidays “IF” there are rainy days and you can’t go outside and play!  The children might want to make a few to give  to their friends, or save up a little stash  ready for Christmas presents!  Ideal to give to a favourite lady teacher maybe?


Just a little selection to show the different colours of fabric and style of buttons…


All in a heap!

This is how you make them.SAM_2207

First of all you will need to gather up a few “ingredients”


I have used P&Q (patchwork and quilting) weight 100% cotton fabric  for my badges, but I guess you could use almost any fabric. However,  it might be a good idea to  avoid using  those fabric’s that are very fine,  like organza, voile, fine silk, dress linings,  as they do tend to be very flimsy, fray like mad and slip and slide all over the place… might be a bit frustrating for youngsters to use.  Naturally big thick fabric’s such as tweed, thick wool, denim, and canvas would be much too heavy for a little project such as this.  There are some very pretty, funky, retro, bright and cheerful designs that are produced for craft, absolutely  perfect for this project.


Go through your button box to see if you have any suitable.  Most craft shops sell single buttons so you can buy a little selection of bright colours.  Look out for cute shapes, I found some sliced apples, and a few hearts to add a bit of interest to some of the  badges.   Don’t get them too small, you need them to be no smaller than a 5p piece.  Also buy them with holes, either two or four, buttons with shanks do not work well in this project.


You will need to buy some VILENE (or a similar product) I found the VILENE s80/240  (some people refer to is as PELMET VILENE) perfect as your needle will pass through easily.  I did try template plastic but it did not work very well as it was too difficult to sew through.


These can be bought very reasonably at about £1 a pack


I would recommend buying a reel of strong top stitch – button hole thread, normal thread is not quite strong enough when you pull the threads tight.  As an alternative you could always try and double-up thread.  A normal general purpose needle is perfectly adequate, no fancy needle required!


Okay… ready to start?  Find two circle shapes, the largest will be the finished size of your badge so don’t go too big!  I found the lid of a spray can just about the right size,  to give you and idea.  Carefully draw around your shapes onto the vilene.


Next, cut out the circles with a sharp pair of scissors.  If you are making these with children, please supervise them at all times when using sharp blades.


Cut out your fabric circles  with an allowance of approx 1cm larger than the vilene circles.


With tiny running stitches sew around each fabric circle close to the raw edges, but not too close that the fabric frays!


Place the vilene circle in the centre of the fabric circle and gently draw in the thread tightly and hold with a few stitches.


Note…BEFORE joining the two together.   On the larger circle sew the badge pin on the FLAT side in the centre using the two outside holes.  Sew the button on the FRONT (with gathers)  of the smaller circle to cover the raw edges…. you will see now why you need a largish button!  Place the two together and stitch right through both circles, the button and the pin (use the centre hole on the pin) and secure with a few tiny stitches.


This one is a bit on the BRIGHT side, reminds me of clowns, but you can make what ever colour combination you like!

Why not try two different colours, or two co-ordinating colours, your favourite colour, or a combination of colours for an occasion such as Christmas, or green  for St Patricks Day.   Add  a really fancy snazzy button… the possibilities are endless!

As a friend of OMG,  I will be donating all of my badges to Oxfam Skipton to add to their special OMG section in the shop.  If you want to buy one already made, please pop into the shop soon as that is where this little lot will be! http://www.oxfam.org.uk/fashion-blog/2013/10/oxfam-skipton-omg-oxfam-makers-group


I pinned each one onto a “old fashioned” tie-on label and printed OMG on each and added a little love heart!


I also had a packet of cello bags to slip each badge label in as I thought it might be easier for the good folk at Oxfam to simply pop on display and “fingers crossed” sell a few to add a few £’s to the overall takings… good luck OMG!

Best wishes, Jay X

I would welcome your messages, would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment, whizz by the email part and go straight to post comment….thanks.

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “There are 34 bathrooms in the White House”


Our little town has a special collective group of knitters who are intent on decorating the place to welcome the TOUR DE FRANCE in a extra special way.  Look at these so far in  the shop windows, don’t they look absolutely fantastic!


This our lovely deli, cafe, in  the village…


…our cute little cake shop…


… and a few in shop windows…SAM_2758

The pattern is available on  http://letour2014.silsden.net/the-route/knit-for-letour-and-kenyas-babies/ Take a moment to read on… Not only are the little yellow sweaters special for LE TOUR, but also afterwards when the events and excitement has finished,  they will be collected up, washed and sent out to the special baby units in Sierra Leone and Kenya… How wonderful is that … a BIG well done to who ever thought of this, EXCELLENT IDEA don’t you agree?

Just down load the pattern and get knitting… be quick as you don’t want to miss the deadline, which is 10th June.


This is the big ball of soft touch wool I have bought… nice and snuggly for little babies.


This 100gram ball is almost enough to make two little jumpers.  I weighed the first completed one, realised that I “might” be a little short, so asked my friend, who is also knitting away like crazy if she had a little bit left over from hers.  So decided to add a little stripe or two (three actually!) so I could finish my second jumper. CUTE eh?  I guess it might depend on your knitting technique on how much wool you use, a tight knitter might be okay getting two jumpers from 1oogram ball…


Oh, since then I thought, hey I have time to keep knitting.   I am so very much taken with the whole purpose I bought more wool and have started another sweater… hope to get two, fingers crossed.


Thought I’d try and be a little bit cheeky and try and knit a different LE TOUR jumper … this has really made me smile as I’d love to think of all those little babies in their sweaters…


So, this is what happened with the white and red wool!

Here is my little collection of jumpers that I have enjoyed knitting and are ready to give to LE TOUR JUMPER project…
My good friend knitted this little weeny jumper for me, (not actually for me to wear!!) and this is all the wool that was left!

Thank you for reading this blog, hope you have enjoyed this little story, and maybe might get you to get your knitting needles out and pop to the shops to buy some yellow wool … start knitting now!

Best wishes, Jay x   Would be lovely to hear from you, your comments would be most welcome, whizz past the email bit if you want and go straight to “post comment”  look forward to hearing from you.

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “Children born in May are on average 200 grams heavier at birth than babies born in any other month of the year”



I am a big BIG fan of bunting!  It is such a bright and cheerful way to snaz-up any occasion.  I have made all sorts of “themed” bunting but my most recent idea I would like to share with you!

Also, as  I am a little bit wrapped up (and very excited) about LE TOUR, when I saw this fabric I knew I had to buy some and go  and make some bunting!


I know they are hardly like the whizz-bang bicycles that the riders will be racing on, but they are yellow, which seems to well and truly the  LE TOUR colour… and it is sooOOoo cute!


I bought some co-ordinating fabric which I thought would look good with my bike fabric.  You could use all the same fabric or buy a little selection of co-ordinating or contrasting fabrics… the choice is yours!


The first thing you need to do is make a paper template of the pennant.  I didn’t want terribly large pennants/flags as I have planned to hang it in the front porch and I have limited space. From top to tip measure approx 15cm, but you can make any size you want!  Large pennants/flags are great for outside in the garden or large rooms.  Fold a piece of paper in half and measure and mark your desired size, then cut it out.


Carefully look at the pattern  on the fabric and see if it has a directional design.  I wanted to centralise the little yellow bicycle so carefully pinned my paper template over the design.  You may not want to bother with this.  As the shape of the pennant/flag is easy to tip and tail you may want to consider that if you cut in this way, one side will be up-side down… I can’t bear to waste any fabric  so decided to used the up-side down pennants/flags for the back.  My other fabric selection is easy as it it plain, little random swirl and checked gingham.


Positioning the template.


Upside-down and right side up together.


Pin right sides (design)  together.


Machine down one side of the pennant/flag with approx 1/4″ seem allowance.  Needle down, turn, and machine up the other side.  You may wish to reduce the stitch size on your machine.  Leave top open.


Trim back some of the fabric at the tip to reduce bulk.  Turn in-side out and gently ease out the tip.  You can use a knitting needle for this, but go gentle as you do not want to poke the needle through the fabric.  I found the closed blades of your scissors work well if you are careful.


Firmly press with a steam iron all the pennants/flags in the same way.


Once you have made up all your pennants/flags in the same way you will have a nice little stash!  Trim all the little thread tail ends and tidy the open top part.  Make sure all the pennants/flags are the same size.  You may need to trim a little from the top of some.


Now you are ready to join them all together!  There are several ways to do this.  There are all sorts of ribbons and tapes that are great, you could even use some of your fabric,  make up strips.  I couldn’t decide on this check navy and white ribbon or the yellow and white checked bias tape.  I went for the yellow, following LE TOUR DE FRANCE colours!!


Pin the top open edge of each pennant/flat to the tape/ribbon, folding as you go.  You can space each pennant/flag at what ever distance you feel, mine are approx 2.5cm.  If you have a huge length of bunting to make… space them out a bit more!    Leave a little length of ribbon/tape at each end just in case you need to tie them onto some thing when displaying.


Machine into place.


Don’t they look lovely!


Now to show them to you in a neat little loop!   I am going leave it a little longer before I hang them in the porch… can hardly wait!


I am going to make a little length of teeny weeny bunting for my kitchen window with this fabric… what d’ya think? Cute?

If you have any questions, please do get in touch, if I can help with any thing I would be delighted to help.

Good luck if you fancy having a go at making some special bunting.

I will look out all the other styles and themes of bunting I have made over the years and blog them to you soon…. keep watching!


In the mean time, if you fancy a different style of bunting, I can recommend a few books.  This one is fab,  SEW BUNTING, stuffed full of some great idea’s!  It has brilliantly been put together by DEBBIE SHORE, easy to follow instructions and lovely photo’s.  Debbie will tell you what you need equipment wise, give you some tips and share her ideas of bunting she has come up with.  It’s a great price too at £9.99 from SEARCH PRESS http://www.searchpress.com



Two little snaps for you to peek at, but you really need to treat yourself to your own copy to decide which style you fancy having a go at making!


These are really cute booklets also from SEARCH PRESS, great value at £4.99 each.

I would be thrilled to hear from you, please leave me a comment, just whizz past the email section and go directly to “post comment”   thanks!

All the best and HAPPY BUNTING!

Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “Most male ducks are silent and don’t quack”